Cards of Thanks


To Friends at the Slave Relic Museum, Thank you very much for showing us your quilts in October. It meant alot to me & my soon-to-be inlaws. Sincerely, Lisa Nagy

I enjoyed myself at the museum, and encourage others to visit. Keep up the good work with the museum and protect its history. Thanks alot, Kenyada Rivers

You buys are the best! I enjoyed the museum. Thanks so much! Ms. Hunt

Words cannot express how much we gained from visiting your museum. I'm telling everyone I know...I will be back with another group of students in Jan or Feb. T. Bryant

I had a nice time while we were there. It really opened my eyes to the way slaves were treated. Thank you. Akeem W. and Adrian H.

Thank you for the wonderful and educational experience. Your museum really inspired me to learn more about my history. Daysha D.

Laura and Danny, WOW! What a powerful presentation to the students. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You told them eloquently why they need to succeed and why it is so important. I know this was hard for you to work out and I thank you very much. Ms. M.

Dear Danny & Laura Drain, I thank you for speaking to us and giving us some of your time. I really liked the items that you showed. It was awesome meeting you and your wife. Thank you again, Solomon

Dear Laura and Danny Drain, The Slave Relic Museum is my favorite. I liked when you told us about the slaves and how they lived. Thank you, Ashley W.

Dear Laura and Danny, I want to thank you for showing me the things that slaves used. It was interesting to see what they slept on and wore, and all the things they used back then. Thank you for giving up your time to talk to us. Sincerely yours, Brittany D.

Mrs. Cunningham's Class, Walterboro

Thank you for showing us such a good time. I really learned a lot from your museum. It was very emotional I almost wanted to cry. But thank you again because I really enjoyed myself. Ashley G.
Builders of Tomorrow-Clemson Extension -
Dear Mr. Drain, Thank you so much for taking the time to provide information on the Slave Relic Museum. We got a lot of important information. We obtained vital information on the museum, which will be very helpful in completing our African American Tour Guide Project. Many thanks for your time and knowledge. Yours Truly, CMS Students



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Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Admission: $6 Adults, $5 Children
Please call for group rates.



Slave Relic Museum
208 Carn St.
Walterboro, SC 29488